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I'm not making any excuses, and I resent you implying that I did. You know damn well I wasn't, I was disagreeing that there was a surplus, it was a myth put out by the Clinton Admin that was proven to be unfounded. Yet liberals run around still to this day saying there was one, showing the old graphs that Clinton put out. It was a lie, when Bush should up for work there wasn't an extra penny to be found, and there was a recession in fact Clinton complained that Bush was causing it by talking about it during his campaign. I remember distinctly Clinton claiming that Bush was causing the recession by merely talking about it. Furthermore in no way did I say that the lack of a surplus made it okay for Bush to spend lots of money like Obama did. I disagree with Bush then, and I still do today.
Then, once again, you need to be more clear when you communicate because it sure looked like you were making excuses when you mentioned a recession. Why would you bother mentioning it otherwise?

There's more than just Clinton's charts and projected budget showing a surplus. Which source would you consider acceptable and why?