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Thread: Trans-Pacific Partnership - the Expanded NAFTA

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    Re: Trans-Pacific Partnership - the Expanded NAFTA

    Quote Originally Posted by cpwill View Post
    Yeah? How'd that work out for them? Have they been doing just really awesome the last couple of decades or so?
    Last I checked, they still produce a lot of those items.......and the factories we used to have producing them....have not reopened.

    Market share is not a given - just ask Kodak. mean how Fuji dumped in the US? We can talk about the period.

    What they pay more for than it is worth today in terms of share, they will therefore be less able to sustain tomorrow, or will have to lose in other venues that will cost them more than they gain.
    You are NOT talking about how a competitor undercuts with price, gains a market and then can (and does) regain profit when a competitor is gone. Stop acting as if you don't know what I am talking about or that it does not happen.

    I'm aware that other companies and countries think that they are being sneaky and gaining an unfair advantage when they subsidize other nations. I am just equally aware that they are being guided by unfortunately misguided mercantilist impulses, and that all they are doing is decreasing their national wealth.
    Temporarily....until sufficient market is captured.

    Stop making naive argument.
    Quote Originally Posted by trouble13 View Post
    If you wanna know why Trumpsters are ignoring you its for the same reason you ignored the KKKs complaints about Obama.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moderate Right View Post
    When it comes down to it, all facts are cherry picked.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bodhisattva View Post
    He didn't say it didn't make sense. He said it is complete nonsense.

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    Re: Trans-Pacific Partnership - the Expanded NAFTA

    Save your Randian love for someone who cares.
    never mind. taking time or effort or thought to respond to someone who refuses to address what is actually said would be a waste of all three.

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