View Poll Results: Should those on welfare or any federal aid be allowed to vote?

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Thread: Should welfare recipients be allowed to vote?[W:84]

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    Re: Should welfare recipients be allowed to vote?[W:84]

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovebug View Post
    I should have added a sarcasm alert. Sorry.
    I'm not joking.

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    Re: Should welfare recipients be allowed to vote?[W:84]

    Michael Savage is not the only person to suggest this. Numerous others, including Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, Greg Budell, and even Ed Leedskalnin have suggested this many times in the past. In fact, Neal even said that people's votes should be allocated on how much tax they paid.

    WHY? THERE IS A GOOD REASON. Do you want your country to collapse?

    For starters, government-run welfare of any kind is unconstitutional--for good reason. Allowing "parasites" who suck up the public treasury to vote themselves more money is NATIONAL SUICIDE!!!!!

    Did you know that allowing masses of people to vote themselves benefits out of the public treasury was the downfall of CLASSICAL GREECE????

    OK, now do you still want people to vote for their livings out of YOUR pocket? You do? THEN PUT YOURSELF OUT OF YOUR MISERY. Go grab Clint Eastwood's .44 magnum and BLOW YOUR OWN HEAD OFF!
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