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I can see where employers would be motivated to 'dump' all their employees onto the ObamaCare exchanges. It makes their health care costs really simple to deal with, a flat fee I believe it is then. If the employer does do that, they'll have to give the employees raises to cover the difference between the previous employer based insurance, which was a benefit, and the employee now without it. Again, that calculation is straight forward and easy to make for the employer: 'Here is what we contributed to your health care benefits last year, and he is your raise to cover it.'

However, this would throw the employee into the exchanges for the least amount of bargaining power over premiums and deductibles (zero in fact), were as with an employer based plan the employer has leverage with the insurance company to bargaining over premiums and deductibles. So the case can, and should, be made that employer based coverage will actually do more to 'bend the cost curve' than the ObamaCare plan (yes, I know, yet another promise broken - typical of government and this president).

What's also very worrying:

Survey: Nearly half of CFOs plan to cut jobs over Obamacare | The Daily Caller

So how does this help the recovery and create more demand, grow the economy, and get everyone back to work? Short answer: it doesn't. In fact, ObamaCare appears to be a large set back for the recovery, and a continued drain for the foreseeable future.
All of what you say is true, what I was trying to say was, an employer is going to handle Obamacare in the most economical way. That's what businesses do. If it's cheaper to keep employees covered with insurance they will, if its cheaper to dump them they will do that.

You can bet there will be businesses that go to their employees and say we can't afford to pay for your insurance as the cost is too costly to sustain. But we know you need health insurance and can give you a raise but we're sorry it's minimal as we have to pay the fine.

Same applies to companies when they hit the 50 employee threshold. Businesses react to added cost of doing business head on and they will do everything to minimize these cost. If that means all new hires are all part time to keep under the 50 employee threshold that is what they will do.

This whole Obamacare issue is a disaster in so many ways. The Dems had full control of all three branches of government and jammed this diabolical down the throat of the American people and had to buy off some of their own Dem members to get it passed, without one Pub vote. This is what you get when you don't have a true bipartisan bill of this nature.