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Thread: Serious or Parody?

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    Re: Serious or Parody?

    Quote Originally Posted by shrubnose View Post
    Children should be encouraged to think for themselves and to give everyone else every right that they claim for themselves.

    It would be nice if all adults in the USA would do the same.
    They most certainly should, but most assuredly not up to the point of freely allowing plain stupidity... adults have survived into adulthood and should be in a position to assist growing, maturing minds to make better and constantly better decisions. That is what good parenting should be about, shouldn't it?

    Or should we just let them grow up wild, free of any advice or instruction....nah, never-mind that inane thought.

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    Re: Serious or Parody?

    I'm late to this party but here's my .02.

    If you take all the cracks about the left out of there and read the principle advice, it's completely reasonable. I don't see how it is even Conservative. Why wouldn't you not want to teach good character?

    So, serious - yes. Taken in full, it's just another insult piece by somebody unimportant. But hardly 100% wrong.

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