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Thread: How do you pay - cash or card?

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    Re: How do you pay - cash or card?

    Quote Originally Posted by brothern View Post
    After this thread I've concluded that I would hate more than anything to advise any single one of the DP posters here. If I told any half of DPers it was financially risky to do something, they'd try just that in order to prove me wrong. Then I'd get fired or sued when they lost all their money or had it stolen.
    To be fair - you're nothing but a nameless, faceless, internet screen-name. You expect us to instantly take your word as gospel? That's something that should be frightening isn't it? We don't know you from Adam. You could be a transvestite-communist-nazi-terrorist is Kazikstan hoping to screw over as many people as possible. We don't know. You might also be the dude who sells popcorn at the local movie complex that never made it past 7th grade in school.

    What some of us do know is that we've had personal, direct experience with stolen cards and banks that honor and protect their customers and their money.

    There are many ways to be safe, and unsafe when dealing with money whether it's cash, credit, or debit.

    This particular thread has nothing to do with fraud or theft on that level.
    This thread is a conspiracy thread about government/banking/corporate tracking of private purchases and how they might use that information for nefarious ends.

    If you'd like to start a new thread about theft and fraud protection of personal assets that might be a valuable thing to have around here.

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    Re: How do you pay - cash or card?

    Quote Originally Posted by brothern View Post
    It's incredibly simple. That's why most people don't read them. :P
    That's their problem. I read them. I read the fine print of anything I sign. Stupid, gullible people get what they have coming.
    There is nothing demonstrably true that religion can provide the world that cannot be achieved more rationally through entirely secular means.

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