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That's true, but they are not reaching/leaching/flowing in such a manner that their inherent toxicity is negligently dangerous for half a million years. I think I would have to eat my computer to cause or suffer ill effects. The particular toxins can be handled "responsibly." Responsibility is the key word.
Actually, a lot of the things you do and use do that. The extent of "radioactivity" and "contamination" due to nuclear power production is greatly exaggerated in how it works and how long it lasts. People simply do not seem to understand time/distance/shielding or decay rates. Many do not understand that radioactivity and radiation are part of our very world.

I'm all for finding better ways to do business, but those like you want to use fearmongering to prevent that by bringing up Fukushima and using it to prevent all nuclear power generation because this one place did an awful job at being responsible for it while plenty of other companies, organizations, sites, and countries do a very good job of being responsible with nuclear power. Heck, Thorium reactors would be so much better and yet they are prevented from even being tried because people are afraid.