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Thread: So Who Won?

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    Re: So Who Won?

    Quote Originally Posted by KLATTU View Post
    What's probabaly going to happen is that they are going to have to delay the individual mandate, which was a big negotiating point for the GOP. And the Dems are going to get a whole lot of cheshire cat grinning from Republicans.
    Except for the fact if they need to delay the mandate, it will not be for the reason Republicans wanted it delayed.... Obama can do it all on his own - without Congress. And if Obama does it, you can expect a lot of pissed Republicans, because... well..... Obama did it.

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    Re: So Who Won?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    By reading the OP:

    Their post was focused on and asking who got the better deal legislatively...not in terms of the effects the bill will have on the electorate and others. What I "think" regarding the impact of this on the next election is irrelevant to the question of "Who Won" as it relates to this thread (on the record, I'm of a similar mind as Nate Silver. Little real impact, likely resulting in a few house seats loss but very little chance of this itself costing the Republicans the House).

    As it relates to the OP, my stance still is that by and large the Democrats clearly came out the winner in regards to the legislative detalis of the compromise...they staved off all attempts to derail Obamacare, got the debt ceiling extended, and pushed the next debate to a point where Obamacare will have began to already substantially intigrate into the system making it far more difficult for Republicans to leverage the next date as a means of attacking it again.
    I do not think the integration will be the issue, though it will have an effect. I think getting closer to elections will, as the corollary to what Nate Silver said. Doing something unpopular approaching pimary time is not going to be something alot want to do.
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    Re: So Who Won?

    Quote Originally Posted by Redress View Post
    So, with what we know now, did republicans or democrats get a better deal on the compromise?
    Nothing was lost and nothing was gained. They got about the same but democrats did win.Because the democrats did not budge even at the threat of a defaulting and the Republicans pussed out(mostly it was the RINO caucus that pussied out). Therefore republicans will not be able to use the threat of a government shut down again to undermine Obama-care or any other sacred cow of the democrats. If democrats are smart they should be wary of any bills that will fund certain sections of the government in case there is another shutdown.
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