View Poll Results: What are your top priorities in buying a car/truck/SUV?

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  • The cost of buying the vehicle

    42 65.63%
  • Fuel economy and/or how green the vehicle is

    36 56.25%
  • How much/how many it can carry - big is better

    4 6.25%
  • Luxury/comfort

    15 23.44%
  • Performance - ie powerful and fast

    24 37.50%
  • Country of origin/brand

    10 15.63%
  • Safety of driver and passengers

    21 32.81%
  • How the car looks - cute, sharp, prestige

    23 35.94%
  • Length warranty

    13 20.31%
  • Multi-use capability (4 wheel drive etc). both as car/truck etc

    21 32.81%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What is your priority in purchasing a car/truck/vehicle?

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    Re: What is your priority in purchasing a car/truck/vehicle?

    I really dont look for it to be a nice car, just so long as its in good shape, i can keep it that way, decent miles on it, fairly good mpg, and its not going to put me in debt till the end of my life to buy it.

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    Re: What is your priority in purchasing a car/truck/vehicle?

    Quote Originally Posted by ronpaulvoter View Post
    This poll misses the most important criteria:

    1. Dependability: Is it workable when I need it?

    2. Durability: Will it last a long time?

    3. Economy: The original cost of the vehicle AND the cost of usage and maintenance (fuel economy included).

    4. Simplicity: The ease of repair and maintenance.

    5. The availability and cost of parts.

    These are the priorities I use whenever I consider purchasing a vehicle. I expect performance to be adequate, but I don't need a hot rod. I expect it to carry what I need to carry.

    Things I DON'T need are styling, power windows and doors, A/C, a fancy stereo system, embellishments, etc.

    Government regulations have overdone safety (air bags, crushable ends, etc.). I consider these undesirable and prefer a car without them. Give me a car that is sturdy, like the ones built in the 1970's that could take a 5 mph impact with NO damage. Try that with a car made today.
    I like your list, but I do like power doors/windows and AC.
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    Re: What is your priority in purchasing a car/truck/vehicle?

    Cost, someone else mentioned reliability, gas mileage. Perhaps in that order. Poor university/graduate student's needs: need to drive across big state in cold weather on the cheap.
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