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Thread: Will ObamneyCare work?

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    Re: Will ObamneyCare work?

    Quote Originally Posted by USViking View Post
    The deficit would still be in the $100s billion even if several entire cabinet departments were abolished.
    Today. Not in the future.

    Which makes it conceptually identical to all other insurance.
    Except for the personal infringement and tax raising, among other things.

    Now that you’ve looked it up.
    Whatever gets you through the night, pal.

    What do you mean ignored? I said it might cause a train wreck.
    Well, then, we agree. Bad law.

    Apprx. 50 million has been the estimate for years now.
    Actually, 40 million was used, and it included anyone that went a day without medical insurance. That's also far less than half of America.

    12%, 15%- Either number is scandalous, and if you can’t get on board with that then I don’t think it is any use discussing it further.
    It's unfortunate, sure, but hardly scandalous and could have been solved with a far less contentious law. Don't forget....Obamacare does not eliminate that 12-15%, only reduces it somewhat. And we're back to what? Bad law.
    ”People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” --- Ben Franklin

    Quote Originally Posted by The German View Post
    Sterotypes are mostly based on truths.

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    Re: Will ObamneyCare work?

    Quote Originally Posted by francois60 View Post
    Not necessarily. Like I said, the studies are conflicting. Especially since the US health care system is often criticized for overtesting.
    Overtesting as as CYA measure to prevent malpractice suits just might be a part of the problem, but putting off things like vaccinations and routine exams is another part.

    "He’s now president for life. President for life. And he’s great.” Trump added, “I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday.” -Trump speaking of Xi Jinping

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    Re: Will ObamneyCare work?

    10 Piece mcnugget with fries.

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