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Thread: obama care or affordable health care plan poll we really want to know?

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    Re: obama care or affordable health care plan poll we really want to know?

    The difference is that insurance is a private business. If you feel so assed about the profit they are taking from their business, start your own and make it non-profit.

    Really, not calling you ignorant, but woefully uneducated in how insurance works. Not to mention the difference between government and private enterprise.

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    Re: obama care or affordable health care plan poll we really want to know?

    Quote Originally Posted by plutonium View Post
    well i am not sure of the low amount of ignorance on this site..... a lot of people did a lot of name calling on this site ...i feel that any one that does name calling is ignorant..when i talk about someone in a negative way i call the person by his name and talk about the facts and that is all... calling people names is for children and people working off of emotions instead of facts....when george w bush was in office i did not call hinm names ...what i did taik about is the 4000 plus americans killed in iraq when it was not needed. and tried to blame it on our nsa and cia ....
    Good points. I wish that Obama, Reid, Pelosi & Co. would pick up on those - then perhaps DC would not be as badly broken as it is now.
    "We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress & the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
    - Abraham Lincoln

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    Re: obama care or affordable health care plan poll we really want to know?

    Quote Originally Posted by plutonium View Post
    i guess you missed the point of the poll but thats ok...
    RabidAlpac disagrees the value in having such a poll. My view is that calling it the Affordable Care Act is a use of Orwellian newspeak while Obama Care is due to the effort of making one that the major insurance and medical companies would support it.

    but to tell the truth i dont think their is a law in this country that all people will like or help all people.
    No, there is no such law and nor there should be. It violates the concept of free association. Aside from that we do not need a law to promote charitable works, Just removal of such laws that inhibit it.

    maybe we just got used to the ones we have....
    No, the phrase, "There otta be a law" very much originated in the United States.

    beside my health ins with kaiser has been going up each year for the last 13 years from 215 to 450 per month
    And you can thank mutable factors like tort lawyers and the sepeate States messing what health insurance is supposed to be about.

    and our taxes pay for a lot of un insured people.
    Insurance is not supposed to cover preexisting conditions and some are thus not insurable. And while I do not begrudge some of our tax dollars goiing to such. They should be encouraged to pay some of it back when (if) they get better.

    so far as i am concerned let everyone pay their own insurance as possible..
    This is good though if the States would allow free markets and only regulate for such things a clear terms, prompt payments and investigate possible fraud most people would probably have affordable insurance.

    one more thing i dont think a company should make money of a person being sick.
    Or what about hunger? I guess we can say good bye to diners, restaurants and supermarkets. Likewise we can say good by to doctors, nurses, clinics, and hosptials except those who are for charity and boy they will be overbooked when that happens.

    the fire, police and armed forces do not make money off of the masses and they save lives why dont they make billions of dollars a year???
    Collectively they do. And they will not work for free neither will all the doctors and staff.

    .the hmo is not hurting,,,
    The HMO is the one of the worst things that the States did to the medical community. Insurance is not supposed to be a health maintenance organization it is supposed to cover an event that was unexpected and needs critical care.

    funny they net billions of dollars a year off a person being sick or hoping they will not get sick...
    It's call arbitrage. They predict the bulk of the customers will not need the insurance and set rates so that those who need insurance are covered plus some extra to cover overhead and some profit for stockholders if a for profit company. Even a non-profit will charge extra just to be safe incase the number of those who need to be covered are higher.

    maybe you people should post signs and get pissed off at you private money making insurance co.
    Only if they do not cover what they say they would cover. You do not get to change the terms after an event happens to your benefit.

    that love to clean your pocket and cheat you out of service when you really need it .
    Your state has an Ombudsman for insurance that you can reach out to if this is happening.

    and rasing rates faster than your income raises on your job...
    Given all that has been happening to the medical industry I could hope for worse
    did they put a freeze on rates during our 2008 to now deppresion hell no ..
    Putting on artificial price limits to goods or services is one of the worst things that government can do. It leads to an absence of such services.

    at least obama cares about your med ins, the hmo does not.
    Obama doesn't give a flying **** about our insurance. It is a means to an end which is to gain more control over the US economy and the citizens of the same. And the HMO is an abomination created by the State governments to make healthcare more "fair".
    An Enlightened Master is ideal only if your goal is to become a Benighted Slave. -- Robert Anton Wilson

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