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Thread: Is rush limbaugh serious?

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    Re: Is rush limbaugh serious?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post

    Also, I'd still love to hear your comment in regards to him having no emapthy or compassion for anyone else.
    That's the perception I have of him. No, I can't prove a negative. I know he does give to charities. I'll retract that statement as it is too broad.
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    Being a psychiatric patient does not mean that you are mentally ill.

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    Re: Is rush limbaugh serious?

    I can understand the perspective of him having little empathy for others. As I said in my first post regarding it, I think for a certain kind of person he does have little empathy for them based on what he honestly believes is the best way people can deal with such people.

    I just don't really equate that to all empathy. I think he has shown great empathy for certain groups of people, and little for others. While perhaps less than some people, I'd dare say that general stance is true for many people. Even numerous people on this board have great empathy for some groups while having near utter hatred for others. (look at the view of smokers for instance)
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    In fact, I would wager to you that within 10 years of today's date that stupid MAGA hat will be registered as a symbol of hate on par with a Swastika.
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