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So if you were a politician... not a good politician that cares about your people, but you know, a politician like most are today. Scumbags who hate the people the reportedly represent and think the country is their own playground... when do you aim to pass controversial legislation that would serve to diminish the power of the people, enhance your political or financial status, make your friends rich... and so on and so forth.

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I voted:
During national holidays and when the media is fully on the hype train about some stupid stuff.

I would say at the beginning of their term.The people have a short attention span when it comes to being outraged. So if they pass something controversial at the beginning of their term it gives them plenty of time to recuperate the voter's trust. Another good moment to pass controversial legislation is when the people are focused on stupid non-stories like the Zimerman case, missing pretty white girl of the day story or some other story that doesn't deserve national attention.