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Thread: Does what Syrians want in Syria matter?

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    Re: Does what Syrians want in Syria matter?

    Quote Originally Posted by joko104 View Post
    When I actually read about the Syrian civil war, it is stunning how many different groups, religions, sects, factions and other countries are involved on all sides. But for foreign intrusions there would be no civil war at all. To me, it seems absolutely nuts for the USA to get in the middle of that mess.
    It wouldn't even be considered if not for the fact that we've allowed oil to have practically zero competition and have allowed those vested in the profitability of the 150 year old internal combustion engine and associated profit centers to suppress the development of other promising options for decades until very recently. What's most shocking to me is tens of millions of people honestly cannot see a connection between oil and our continual entaglement in middle eastern affairs and honestly think "space race" type efforts to free us from the oil monopoly is anti-free market. Meanwhile a collection of brutal dictators coming together to price rig (all, be it theirs of Canada's) oil through artificial supply shortages to soak every American down to their last penny and nearly all oil in the world first sold to scalpers in called the oil futures market that further price gouge every American family aren't anti-free market.
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