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Thread: Superpower: its a tough job but somebody's got to do it.

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    Re: Superpower: its a tough job but somebody's got to do it.

    Quote Originally Posted by cpwill View Post
    So Iran closing the Strait of Hormuz would not be something you would intervene in? Meaning that we are not pursuing our interests.
    Are you being intentionally obtuse? Iran does not own the Strait of Hormuz like Egypt owns the Suez Canal. Iran only borders the strait to the north, Oman borders it on the south. Has Oman agreed to aid Iran by denying us passage through? NO!

    Thus, should Iran unilaterally attempt to prevent our use by attacking any of our shipping that would constitute an act of war. As I've previously indicated, we can then defend our shipping by destroying their warships, and if deemed necessary Congress can also declare war.

    Quote Originally Posted by cpwill View Post
    Actually Syria has shot at both Turkey (a member of NATO) and Israel (a treaty ally) now, as well as served as a launchpad for attacks that cost thousands of American lives in Iraq. If Syria wants to claim a monopoly of force in her borders, then she has to accept responsibility for the force projecting from within her borders - meaning that she is already at war with us.
    Turkey? Let's see now...:

    Since the beginning of the two-year-long civil war in Syria, Turkey, which shares a 560-mile border with its southern neighbor, has grown increasingly vulnerable to the conflict’s violent spillover. To date, almost half a million Syrians have found shelter in the country, including about 200,000 in refugee camps. Turkish soldiers manning the border have recently had to fight off thousands of heavily armed petrol smugglers near the town Reyhanli, where a car bombing earlier this year that Ankara links to Syrian intelligence agents claimed 53 lives. Further east, they have looked on helplessly as a Kurdish militia that has waged war against Turkey for the last 30 years has taken control over an area stretching from Ras al-Ayn, just south of the border in Syria, to northern Iraq.
    For Turkey, Planned U.S. Missile Strikes on Syria Not Good Enough |

    It appears that Turkey hopes for direct U.S. intervention because of REBEL activities, violent smuggling, and a refugee problem the current Syrian government seems unable to control. Is there any clear evidence the Syrian government has intentionally attacked Turkey during this recent civil war? NO! Just a Turkish allegation that Syrian intelligence was responsible for a car bomb, although why Syria would do that under the current circumstance is unclear.

    As for Israel? Let's see...:

    Israel has attacked Syria three times. After the last time, in May, Assad was finally moved to threaten retaliation in the event of a fourth.
    Syria spillover violence threatens cease-fire with Israel - World News

    Syria has not attacked Israel since the 1973 ceasefire after Israel captured the Golan Heights. However, Israel has attacked Syria three times since then. How many times has Syria attacked Israel since 1973? NONE!

    Syria is involved in a civil war, and blaming the actions of the rebels on the Syrian government to justify an attack on that government is hypocrisy. Another member said virtually the same thing when he heard the possibility that the chemical weapons were used by rebels. He felt it was the Syrian governments fault, regardless of who used them, and this authorized us to attack that government. Hypocrisy!

    Obama was wrong for drawing his "Red line in the sand." It is entirely possible the rebels used the chemical weapons intentionally to draw in American intervention. Another member points our (rightly) the rebels don't wear uniforms, so once survivors remove the weapons they carry from the picture they all look like civilians. Any Vietnam vets remember how that used to work as anti-USA propaganda during the War???

    We are not the World's Policeman, and we do not have either a duty or the right to interfere in the internal affairs of any sovereign nation we are not at war with.
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    If I stop responding it doesn't mean I've conceded the point or agree with you. It only means I've made my point and I don't mind you having the last word. Please wait a few minutes before "quoting" me. I often correct errors for a minute or two after I post before the final product is ready.

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    Re: Superpower: its a tough job but somebody's got to do it.

    Quote Originally Posted by DDD View Post
    The issue is not that it did not happen. The issue quantitatively speaking is: Are the samples in comparison enough to equalize what Serbia did to us?

    BTW, should you respond with no sources and BS alone next time, please consider my lack of response to you as a sign that you are not a credible debater for me. Thank you.
    I don't think there is much point in discussing things with you since you are too much of a nationalist extremist who doesn't care about facts.

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