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The OIL in Syria is closer to Total and BP distribution networks. They get their OILY IOU from helping in Iraq. And another thing is the al Queda rebels have only used chemical weapons twice and that seems to be OK, like torture, domestic spying, media manipulation, etc.
Heya DF.....I thought they were Supplying more of France and the P.I.G.S.[/QUOTE]

Sometimes it is just hard to tell. Since the Big Energy corporations are the first profiteers of any War, we can assume their marketing organizations are publicizing a case for war without stating that it is for the sake of their bottom lines. I mean, these are big Media spenders. Spend huge amounts buying Media. Completely legal and nobody realizes that they are the primary vested interest in War/wars. You just have to promote business wherever you can, don't ya' know? War is good business and if we can get this one ginned up, we'll profit handsomely, but they don't lay claim to their bragging' rights, so I helps 'em out a bit. Now you know, eh? Wars run on Energy, lots of it. Spell that Oil, Gas, Nukes, or ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Total, etc. The first profits of war and it is just the first profits because wars run on Energy.