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Thread: Are Race Riots in this country coming?

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    Re: Are Race Riots in this country coming?

    Quote Originally Posted by Navy Pride View Post
    Good evening polgara . can you describe for us what you think a peasant is? Thank you.
    I used the word peasant when responding to the poster who used that word, but I think "serf"would be a better word. A peasant usually refers to someone who makes their living in agriculture. That is not the case in today's society, as most farming is done by machine, but the rest is still done by peasants, or illegal aliens. A serf, on the other hand, usually meant someone who was in the lower feudal classes in any culture, and who was obligated by a noble to provide labor for the lord's betterment. Today it is tax money, instead of labor, that is provided by the serfs for the lord's use. They don't usually have a say where their tax money is going to be used, though, so not a lot has changed from the good old days of real feudalism, IMO. :

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    Re: Are Race Riots in this country coming?

    we have already had them. In Cincinnati after Officer Steven Roach shot unarmed but wanted Timothy Thomas after a long foot pursuit into the most dangerous neighborhood in the USA.

    we came close to them after Zimmerman walked.
    Quote Originally Posted by calamity View Post
    This is a thread about gun control. You want to discuss crime control--start a thread in the appropriate sub forum.

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