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Thread: Voter Laws

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    Re: Voter Laws

    Quote Originally Posted by CanadaJohn View Post
    I really don't understand the so-called "issue" of poor people not being able to acquire IDs.

    Hear in Ontario, a photo ID card can be acquired by anyone who wants one for $35. People who don't drive or no longer drive, like seniors, like these cards. And there's nobody who can convince me that any government that wants to can't set up such a system of their own. And, likewise, nobody can convince me that anyone with the inclination to vote in an election can't be bothered or can't afford $35.

    It's a phony issue driven by those who wish to propogate political discord rather than promote sound government policy.
    In the US the Federal Government snuck in a relatively new National ID called "The Real ID" under the table and superimposed on our driver's licenses. There are now far more stringent federal standards and background checks required to renew our driver's licenses, which are identical to obtaining a Passport. The cost to renew a US driver's license/federal Real ID is now $50.

    Another important aspect to this is in 2013 fewer people needs diver's licenses anymore. Many larger cities have decent public transportation systems adequate enough to never need a car. If you don't need a car, some people just let their DLs expire and save the $50. Secondly, banking is now done electronically. Most people are paid by direct deposit these days, so the argument that says "heck, you can't even cash a check without ID" might be true but in 2013 hardly anybody cashes checks any more. Add no car thanks to rapid transit to electronic banking and what we're looking at is essentially a poll tax on younger voters and lower income people who live in urban areas with decent rapid transit systems...who are likely to be mostly of one political party.

    I'm not saying voters shouldn't need ID to vote, just making an observation and hope there could be a fair solution that isn't thrust upon the American people months before election day.

    First off, if we have to essentially apply for a passport to get a driver's license then go ahead give everybody a passport. Second, maybe require the same "Real ID" to get a job; that way everybody working already has one and fewer there will be problems with undocumented workers.
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    Re: Voter Laws

    Quote Originally Posted by Dooble View Post
    The ACLU is butting in again, so it prompted me to start this thread. The question is, should we just do away with current voting laws and let Non-US Citizens go ahead and vote?

    North Carolina's sweeping voter ID law faces legal challenge | Fox News
    As long as state-issued identification is easy for everyone to obtain, I don't see why we should do away with the laws.
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