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I don't see much action on this subject, curious myself why a president is never questioned about trade deals anymore. Nafta was given a lot of press but went through anyway, proving that neither party really cares what the voters want. Anyway, here is a link I looked at concerning the TPP and other internationalist type deals, nicknamed Nafta on steroids. Am I concerned over something that is really nothing to worry about, then why the secrecy?

Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Looks as Far Off as Ever - Real Time Economics - WSJ

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) | Office of the United States Trade Representative

WikiLeaks Reveals Global Trade Deal Kept More Secret Than the Trans-Pacific Partnership
To me it just shows that the skids are being greased for a NWO Corporate takeover at every level. That would be a Western Central Banks takeover. World management by Corporate and what's good for Corporations is generally bad for humans.