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Thread: Bush was fair game is Obama?

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    Re: Bush was fair game is Obama?

    Quote Originally Posted by SgtRock View Post
    During the GW Bush presidency he was constantly ridiculed in the media and by private citizens. A rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask did an act that the crowd went crazy for and the media and politicians are quick to condemn. The question I pose is Obama fair game just as Bush was?
    Of course he is. The Fair owners(commission) went over the top with the ban....I said that in the other thread about the clown.

    I did, however mention that as a working's all at the discretion of the people who run the establishment.....if I go into a bar or club....set up my equipment and rail about politics for a while during my gig.....I'm not going to have a gig. The proprietors would be within their rights to not invite me back, or even pull the plug on me.

    While the clown thing isn't exactly the same as a musician....both are still, for the duration of the performance, employees of that establishment by way of contract.

    Now.....don't get me wrong...I am not defending the Fair....I think(once again, to get my point across) that they went way too far in the banning of the clown....but they were within their right to do so.

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    Re: Bush was fair game is Obama?

    Not the same thing. The clown act involved making fun of big lips (a stereotype of black people), and also rammed a pole up his ___s. GWB doesn't have a black stereotype, so that was never done. I never saw a public act, with a crowd applauding and laughing, while a pole was rammed up GWB's ____s. While an MC wished that the bull would kill him.

    It crossed a line from humor to hatred...close to a KKK rally.

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