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Niether will be repealed.

Florida appears to be somewhat a pro-2nd amendment state and pro-self defense. Anti-2nd amendment trash and anti-self defense trash will be ignored.

Republicans are never going to repeal Obama-care. These talks of repealing it and DOA repeals are nothing more than pillow talk the republicans use to con suckers into voting for them. Just like the Democrats passing the Brady Bill got a lot of republicans elected, but they did not repeal it when Bush had the political capital.
What's interesting is Florida, once a red state has turned purple and might at this point be blue. The current GOP governor is up for reelection and polls say people aren't happy with him. I think stand your ground as well a promise to pardon a lady in a case where she fired a warning shot to scare off her abusive husband who had just threatened to kill her got a 20 years mandatory when the bullet didnt even hit anyone, will be major campaign issues used against the governor. That coupled with a boycott of the state's major businesses and industries, I think a democrat governor is going to be a elected, which is 50% of getting stand your ground repealed.