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Thread: 71% Of Americans Believe The Founding Fathers Would Be Disappointed At The USA

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    Re: 71% Of Americans Believe The Founding Fathers Would Be Disappointed At The USA

    Quote Originally Posted by The General View Post
    71% Of Americans Believe The Founding Fathers Would Be Disappointed At The Way The Nation Has Turned Out | Techdirt

    I would be among the 71%. If you look at us now and compare us to the past we have become a lazy, arrogant, and stupid people. And the goverment has done many things that are unconstitutional (ex secret laws). Do you think they would be dissaponted in us, and is so why?


    Many people today, even among scholars, simply can't accept that The United States was set up as a slave owning republic by an Anglo ruling class. It simply was what it was. So to try and and say that "Oh, no, the Anglo slave owning class would be fine with things today." would obviously be extremely naive of history. Then again I think this reality goes to the main point of the issue, that most people simply are 5 minute politicos with almost no historical knowledge at all. That explains our modern culture rather well frankly. We have 23 year old women screaming about "What this country stands for" who couldn't for the life of them tell you where Poland is on a map. That is our current situation. Horrifying is a moderate way to describe it.

    If you told most Americans Egypt was run by Africans, they'd outright believe it. These are the same people that have 'strong feelings' about critical issues to the country. It's no wonder why multicultural societies collapse on themselves. All views merge into a politically correct, 'Feel Good' nothingness with no historical knowledge because the people that have actual historically succinct views are condemned as radicals thanks to everyone else's view of history being nationally sanctioned History Channel documentaries.
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