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False, obviously.

Post #6 was simply one of the larger whines in the thread by those who couldn't accept the obvious reality of the OP, so they resorted to ad hominems and, of course, mere unsupported ideological opinion for which they could find no scientific links of substantiation.

Indeed, if you follow that thread, you will find no posts by anyone to any scientific conjecture or refutation for the scientists and their study linked in the OP, not one.

Again, like most liberals on this issue, you simply hope that by repeating denials of obvious reality that you'll somehow score points.

You won't.

Casual readers who pass this way will read the thread, see the science and the scientific presentation, realize many whiners simply were stunned and could find no scientific links to contradict the science presented in the OP, and were merely behaving like the church hundreds of years ago when scientists presented that the Earth was epliptically round, not flat, and that it revolved around the Sun, not vice versa.

So call these scientists that presented beyond any rational scientific conjecture that homosexuality is epigenetic in its etiology, like the birth defects of spina bifida and cleft palate, call them "heretics" if you wish ..

.. But, like the church, you will eventually come to look like they did, and, recant and accept and adjust to the new scientific accurately presented reality. It's simply only a matter of time.

Tick tock, liberals.
Calling refutations of your non-arguments whines doesn't make them false. You're just ranting now.