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Yes, I read it. It does not provide nearly enough information to conclude that any coverup, government plot, or anything else nefarious was going on. Reading this document and concluding such things were happening requires a mentality that automatically jumps to "government plot" with the barest information.

There was no plot. This sounds like a conspiracy theory, not a valid assessment of that document. That document to me sounds like they were investigating a third party that was planning to attack the OWS in Houston that simply didn't need further investigating for whatever reason.

Truthfully, what offends me most in this scenario is the alignment of the Intelligence Agencies with Big Corporate against the citizens. It is supposed to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people," and this clearly is the opposite and it is nothing new in our Nation. Charlie Chaplin was blackballed in the USA for making fun of Corporate factory labor and nothing has changed. We don't owe Corporate America anything. They have been blessed with the opportunity to do business in the USA and must pay their own way as regards security, resources, energy, and other basic needs. Instead, we are expected to kiss their sweet patooties because they allegedly provide jobs. As those jobs relate to the current World, the Corporations are loyal to the strong currency and are unpatriotically setting up shop overseas for better profits. So, why are our Intelligence Agencies protecting them? I think that they should be protecting you.l