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Thread: Is Obama A Bully?[W:55]

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    Re: Is Obama A Bully?[W:55]

    Quote Originally Posted by ChezC3 View Post
    For one, who is this "you people"? Second, my post, as is clearly seen, is directed toward his FP, where your save capitalism mishegoss came in -- I don't know. Third, Obama is a STATE Capitalist, like Lenin was. Fourth, thank you for the blessing of allowing me to drown in my own blood, mmm..., heart-warming. Fifth and final ,why should I be taxed by you for allowing me to drown in my own blood? That is nonsensical. It presupposes that you have some sort of authority over me. You do not. All "vice" taxes are are money making schemes, swindles if you would, to give politicians pocket money for pet projects to help all their little chicks squawking for mama to feed them, so they get more votes. You can wrap it in whatever Puritanical BS you'd like, but that's all it is.

    Obama is a capitalist. He is pro open global markets. That's a capitalist. You insisting upon some little puritanical view of capitalism that "he supposedly doesn't follow" is what is truly silly. If you can't accept that he's a global capitalist, well, then that's the limit of your intellect apparently.

    You don't get to "choose" whether you'd like to be part of a societal collective. You're in the collectives conquered lands, guess what, you're part of it until you can summon an army to counter the dominant collective, you pay. The FED/States are the dominant collective of this land, hence your Libertarian argument is flawed. You don't live in Mad Max Northern Mexico. You live in a governed collective. The collective has every right to tax vices to protect its overall collective. It is your logic that is flawed, not the other way around. Now, perhaps you don't fully understand how the country works or have some flawed sense of how human governmental structures and advanced governing systems work, but they have every right to tax vices of their collectives. It is you that has the personal dilemma in that you engage in such vices, not the collective doing the taxing or the vices. Those are mere hive systems and items. You choose to both abuse those items and hence bring the collective down on you. You have only yourself to blame.

    The FED/State (Collective) is not to blame NOR are the vices simply because you choose to abuse them. The collective is merely doing what all collectives do, protect their society against vice abusers such as yourself trying to undermine society (the collective) thanks to being a vice abuser subject to penalties. Wishing the system to crash so you can get out of paying vice taxes is a lowly logic in and of itself. You do not occupy the argumentative high ground at all contrary to what you claim.
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    Re: Is Obama A Bully?[W:55]

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan5 View Post

    I love this site, off to the iggy box you

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