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Thread: U.S. Foreign Policy

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    Re: U.S. Foreign Policy

    Quote Originally Posted by DVSentinel View Post
    Actually, Iraq had very strong ties to terrorism prior to Desert Storm. After, not so much since the UN was sitting on them. As I pointed out elsewhere, we also could not move forces away from Iraq without that situation being settled.

    Following the 9/11 attacks, Bush announced that we would be taking out all terrorist and sponsors of terrorism, including taking down governments that sponsored it or harbored terrorists. It's not hard to look back and see that the same places and faces kept showing up time and time again. If we wanted no future attacks, then take out all the players, not just the one. The War on Terror was never just about Osama Bin Laden.

    If your friends trust you and your enemies fear you, then that is good. Bush put us on that track, or at least tried to. His idea was good, his ability to carry it out, not so good.
    The 'War on Terror' was just fear mongering and pandering to the knee jerk reaction America had to 9/11. Terrorism has been a fact of life for most of the world for many decades and even we've been subject to it from time to time long before 9/11 or even 2/26/93.

    You have a narrow definition of 'friend' if you believed that bull.
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    Re: U.S. Foreign Policy

    Quote Originally Posted by Lukas105 View Post
    Watch the video and vote on what you think.

    Is the U.S. Foreign Policy wrong?
    I voted other. I think Ron Paul is a stupid old man and those who vote for him should be embarrassed.
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