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Thread: is edward snowden a hero or traitor?

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    Re: is edward snowden a hero or traitor?

    Quote Originally Posted by grip View Post
    The gov or NSA gathering info on us should be decided openly, not hidden from us.
    And from terrorists?

    BTW, we can easily infer from the the Obama administration that the war on terror isn't over. Why is the BO adminstration fighting the war on terror amongst the american people (NSA spying programs on americans/potential american terrorists) instead of with american soldiers in the middle east when results of fighting with soldiers on terrorism are better and quicker? Answer:politics. In other words, it's more important for the BO administration to bring the troops home from the middle east than to manage the war on terror.
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    Re: is edward snowden a hero or traitor?

    Quote Originally Posted by ModerateGOP View Post
    Who believes that Snowden is a traitor or a hero or maybe you think he's a plant for something larger?

    Many people believe that he is a hero, but those loyal to and working in government sense that Snowden is a traitor for leaking secrets...

    I believe he is a traitor who used his position for personal gain and 15 mins of fame.
    snowden is neither a hero nor a traitor.

    He's just no big deal. The information about the NSA's data mining that he supposedly "leaked" is old news to anyone who has perused international news (i. e. something other than fauxnews) in the last few years.

    I suspect he's probably a depressed man who was unhappy w/his life in Hawaii, was sick of being used as a tool by the feds, and wanted to leave and tell his pathetic employer to !@#$ off.

    His actions in no way damage US nat'l security.

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