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Thread: NSA Collecting Phone Records

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    Re: NSA Collecting Phone Records

    So long as its original purpose is not perverted to suit the administration in question, and the proper legal course was taken prior, I'll accept it as a necessary measure, especially given the reported effectiveness and apparent lack of abuse in its short history.

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    Re: NSA Collecting Phone Records

    Society made it's decision in 2001 when it condoned/allowed the Patriot Act to become law. This is only an extension of that mindset. There are few halfway points down this slippery slope. We either accept that the government is going to "observe" us or we need to stop all such actions except specific actions for specific people just like any other warrant - even if that warrant is silent. At this point, considering society's complacency of earlier laws, I think we're stuck with this. It's a little late to start squealing now unless we're willing to go all the way and shoot down the Patriot Acts et al, too.
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    Re: NSA Collecting Phone Records

    Since it has been going on since J Edgar Hoover, regardless of how I feel it will not stop ever. If a person trust the government to protect the people it is probably good, if you have distrust of the government it is bad. I am undecided at this point.

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