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Thread: Should employers be allowed to pay tipped employees less than minimum wage?

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    Re: Should employers be allowed to pay tipped employees less than minimum wage?

    Quote Originally Posted by radcen View Post
    Servers always complain about the inequity in tipping. Some customers tip well, some tip crap, but it all evens out. They complain about the crappy tippers, of course.

    However ask a server if they would forgo tips for a higher wage, and virtually every one I have ever asked this question says, "Not no, but hell no." They know that, in spite of their complaints, they do better when their tips are averaged into hourly averages than they would if they got only a straight hourly wage... even if the hourly wage were significantly above minimum wage.
    This is because generally tips are not taxed (legally they should be, but I know of nobody that actually declares them). Increasing wages and eliminating tips would actually decrease the income of those at the lower levels of the economy.
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    Re: Should employers be allowed to pay tipped employees less than minimum wage?

    Quote Originally Posted by Verthaine View Post
    The bennies.They chose that instead.
    And why couldn't you have just said that when I asked? You never said anything about giving up benefits for min wage. of course they wouldn't. And why do you you think practical experience running a restaurant is necessary to understand that? That's basic Theory. I could have told you that they would turn down that offer. I don't need to know how to order product or arrange shifts for that

    Tips only go up when dish prices are raised when there is a booming economy.
    Well, it depends on what you mean....level, or percent? There are multiple ways of looking at it and several explanations. I really doubt you've done any kind of real analysis on changes of percent tip or changing buying habits resulting in same or lower total bill. You've made it clear, boasted even, that you don't understand Theory and you don't deal with the money. So at best your casual biased observations don't trump decades of study on how people act and react.

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    Re: Should employers be allowed to pay tipped employees less than minimum wage?

    I'm sort of mixed about this. I see both sides. I guess if they would rather have it another way, then they would fight for it. I do loathe tip jars and mandatory gratuities though. Tips should always be voluntary and given for service, not just taking an order from you.

    Now, the people that I kinda feel bad for are those that work at the commissary bagging for tips. I'm not sure if civilians with no military connection are aware of this, but our baggers work for tips only. They don't get paid a wage at all. Plus, they have to pay a "head bagger" a set amount per shift they work (around $5). I think I may be one of the more generous customers, looking at some comments I have seen, but this is how it works. They bag your groceries just like regular baggers and even push your cart to your car (normally when my husband is with me or if I only have one cart, I just tell them I'll take my own). There are normally 2-3 baggers working each open lane. I usually give $3-$5 for bagging only, and $5-$8 for pushing the cart/loading the car (I shop at the commissary for 3-4 weeks of food at a time normally). From what I have heard, the normal rate is actually about $2-$5 for everything, some giving a $1, especially for just bagging, or nothing at all (this does explain why the last bagger I had was so surprised and just about hugged me for a $7/$8 tip). There are definitely times, particularly just before paydays or on weekdays that they could easily make less than minimum wage. If they see less than 3 people in an hour and only average 2-3 dollars per customer, that is definitely less than CA min. wage.
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