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  • 2008: Obama

    30 40.54%
  • 2008: McCain

    18 24.32%
  • 2008: Third party/did not vote

    23 31.08%
  • 2012: Obama

    24 32.43%
  • 2012: Romney

    24 32.43%
  • 2012: Third party/did not vote

    25 33.78%
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Thread: Your voting record: 2008 and 2012

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    Re: Your voting record: 2008 and 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptinSarcastic View Post
    I'll go further...

    1980 Reagan
    1984 Reagan
    1988 Bush
    1992 Bush
    1996 Dole
    2000 Gore
    2004 Kerry
    2008 Obama
    2012 Obama

    I didn't leave the GOP, they left me
    mine :

    1992 : Perot
    1996 : was in college and didn't care enough to vote. i consider this a poor decision.
    2000 : Bush
    2004 : Badnarik
    2008 : Obama
    2012 : Obama

    i'm not a huge Obama fan. the fact that the patriot act bull**** is still in place pisses me off, as do a whole slew of other things. i think he should have let health care reform tank without a public option instead of getting behind the POS PPACA gift to insurance companies. however, had McCain won, we'd still be deep in Iraq and who knows what else. in 2012, nobody liked Romney, even his supporters. as for the economy, i think the right's full on assault on him is like bitching at captain Sully because the plane landed in the Hudson instead of in North Carolina.

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    Re: Your voting record: 2008 and 2012

    2008: Voted against the Republicans

    2012: Voted against the Democrats

    I never actually vote for anyone anymore, there is nobody in any party worth supporting.
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    Re: Your voting record: 2008 and 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by APACHERAT View Post
    It's obvious that you have moved further to the left over the years.

    If the GOP has moved further to the right, why isn't the GOP full of reactionaries ? Reactionaries are extreme right wing.

    What I find interesting, I've only been participating on the DP for less than six months and I only seen a few who have used the term "reactionary" and properly used the term. Basically there aren't that many reactionaries around in America today.

    As for Obama, he in his own words have said he was an internationalst and inside every internationalist there's a socialist who wants to get out. Deep down, Obama is an internationalist socialist.
    Here is a link to the 1956 GOP party platform. Read it and let me know if you still think you can say the country has moved anything but hard to the right, I'll also post a few highlights from the platform.

    Republican Party Platforms: Republican Party Platform of 1956

    Your voting record: 2008 and 2012-image-jpg
    Quote Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
    I do not believe any amount of people committing suicide with firearms justifies requiring firearm sellers to preach to customers about suicide regardless if it would or wouldn't save those who commit suicide.

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