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Were these outposts denied the security they wanted or needed, and did someone fail to tell the truth after these tragic losses?
Seems not, or the press would have been all over it. They hated Bush 43.

I am concerned about national security.

It is why I think the budgets should be increased for military, intel, border control, consulates... you name it. National Security is Job #1.

The problem is, Obama and his crew denied them the security they were asking for in Benghazi.
They told troops to stand down as they were being attacked.
They reduced security levels and one military leader during testimony said he wasn't surprised at what happened.
Then they lied about the cause.

The loss of life is tragic. But it's not the loss of life that is driving this... had he come clean from the start it wouldn't have been a problem.

Like Watergate... it was/is the ensuing coverup.
Families lied to.
Nation lied to.
Libyan government made to look like idiots.
Threatening government employees.

It's amazing folks like you cannot grasp such a simple concept.
You recall Watergate do you not? Now we have another but far more serious than a 3rd rate burglary... with Richard Milhouse Obama's ass on the line.

Let me put it in a ringtone you should be familiar with... People died, Obama lied.

Your ringtone cannot be heard, as you have this problem:
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