View Poll Results: Do Americans Need to Worry About Muslims In Their Community?

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Thread: Do Americans Need to Worry About Muslims In Their Community?

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    Re: Do Americans Need to Worry About Muslims In Their Community?

    Come to think of it more - and thinking doesn't always come easy for me too - I don't even know how I'd know whether someone is a Muslim or not. How can you tell a person's religion by looking at the person?

    Crooked nose on an olive skinned person and say, "oh, that person is Jewish?" That seems rather a stretch.

    I mean, I know my wife's religion because she wears a little gold cross around her neck, and says prayers that start with "Dear Heavenly Father" and end with "These things I promise and ask in Jesus name." So I can pretty much figure she's still a Christian - that and going to church with her at least once a week where she sings in the choir and teaches Sunday School.

    But if I saw someone walking past my house, do any of you have any suggests as to how I know that person's religious? I mean, if the person was, say, a violent sadistic satanist or something, I'd like to know that.
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    Re: Do Americans Need to Worry About Muslims In Their Community?

    Quote Originally Posted by joko104 View Post
    I got to be truthful. I've never known one Muslim in my entire life. In fact, I wouldn't even know what the hell a Muslim was if they didn't talk about them all the god damn time on television (and forums). And if everyone would just shut the **** up about them then I wouldn't have to hear it anymore.
    I drank and ate a lot with some folks from Saudi Arabia. It was cool, but we ran into moments where I had to put aside the obvious anti-semitism and 9/11 Truther talk so we could go back to drinking.
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