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Thread: Another Iraq War Poll

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    Re: Another Iraq War Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaugingcatenate View Post
    Very well could be, but in the strict interpretation of the word, propaganda, could be just informing and explaining as well as the predetermined cause which one may feel to be fully truthful and honorable...
    In other words, no, because the honest dissemination of information (even if faulty or incorrect) and propaganda are mutually exclusive.

    but is usually, with the general use of the word, considered less than honest about the topic.

    I mean if splitting hairs.
    Only because dishonesty belays cause before evidence. Being wrong, not so much.
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    Re: Another Iraq War Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by obvious Child View Post
    Well, the NIE whitepaper did move from the standard of probable to possible. That does explain quite a bit.

    Plus, our primary sources, 1 of which was flagged as a "drunken liar" by foreign intel and the other who had ulterior motives (aka, I want to lead the new country) both provided to be liars.

    I am sure Newfie intelligence would have seen through the bull****. It's obvious as child ( ) that there were people in high positions pushing for the invasion.
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    Re: Another Iraq War Poll

    I voted "I don't know" but strongly leaning no.

    Instead of kill the bad guys, which created more bad guys and intensified the bad in the already bad guys, I wish the Bush Administration policy had been to take the same amount of resources spent in Iraq and pour it into a Kennedyesk Man on the Moon commitment to make automotive transportation that does not require oil more viable than oil. A huge energy independence initiative with:

    - Better battery R&D grants to research universities
    - Hydrogen energy R&D
    - The promise of generous financial awards to the inventors who create batteries that meet certain benchmarks in costs to produce, energy storage capacity and mid-size and large vehicle range capacity
    - Many more nuclear and coal power plants to stave off any concern that electric cars will lead to rolling blackouts and brownouts
    - Invite select cities and towns to participate in a national home electrical production test market group. It must have been agreed upon by local ballot initiatives and would determine the viability of local code requirements to have new construction and re-roofing permits include solar electric roofing to supplement their need for the power grid. The theory is the costs of the systems would be cancelled out by the reduction in electrical bills and might even generate homeowner net profits. Meanwhile, due to the sudden demand for solar electric roofing, market forces would kick in and reduce costs while leading to the development of better technological innovation. Probably most doable in sunnier sections of the country; the South East, the desert South West, etc.
    -Tax incentivize employers allowing more telecommuting in vocations where its feasible even if on rotating schedules where employees are allowed to work from home every other day. Computer networking, webcam/headset connectivity, telephone networking, remote keystroke monitoring and evaluating people based on project completion, quality and quantity of work instead of much of the current corporate culture that often evaluates staff based on being able to see how busy they look and how worn out they look at the end of the day. This would make any argument against telecommuting where feasible moot in most cases.

    ...or kill our way out of the mess in the Middle East at a tremendous cost in blood and treasure while some insist American ingenuity is not anything we can count on to improve the quality of life for our citizens and people around the world.

    As far as the costs of these initiatives to taxpayers being too expensive, if I understand it if we hadn't gone to war in Iraq and instead used that cost for energy independence the initiative would have had a budget of over $800,000,000,000.00, lower costs in taking care of our disabled vets, fewer graves and Arlington National Cemetery and other military cemeteries around the country and lower costs in taking care of the families they've left behind.

    In fairness, I think some of that $800,000,000,000.00 should have done toward making Iraqi and Middle Eastern intelligence gathering a major national security priority including keeping dedicated spy satellites pointed to key areas and monitored 24/7 with an emergency strike force in the vicinity at all times. But still, probably a drop in the bucket compared to the whole $800,000,000,000.00 we spent.
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