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Thread: Beyonce and Jay-Z's Trip to Cuba

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    Re: Beyonce and Jay-Z's Trip to Cuba

    Quote Originally Posted by notquiteright View Post
    No where is it written that unless every citizen likes something it isn't 'American'.

    Let us not forget Beyonce was also there (superbowl girl) and like it or no, the two of them have millions of followers and from what was shown of their visit quite a few young Cubans appreciate the two American performers as well. The old folks have had to shot at this, both the rabid anti-castro folks and the Cuban leaders in their walkers. Now is the time for young folks to step forward, ignore the droolers and move both nation's forward.

    Except as a Cold War pawn Cuba has never been a threat to us and the one nation boycott has not changed Cuba's course one degree.
    Actually it has, instead of American hotels running everything it is European chains, instead of American cars they have European cars, etc...
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    Re: Beyonce and Jay-Z's Trip to Cuba

    I think it helped the Cuban economy. It contributed to fostering a more pro-America sentiment among the Cuban public if not for our government, for our people and culture. I wouldn't be at all surprised if part of the Boyonce and Jay-Z entourage were under-cover intelligence people collecting information for the US Government.
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