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  • Yes, it's addictive.

    15 40.54%
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    3 8.11%
  • Depends on the individual.

    17 45.95%
  • It's a little addictive but controllable.

    11 29.73%
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Thread: Is The Internet Addictive?

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    Re: Is The Internet Addictive?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheGirlNextDoor View Post
    That would be heaven I tell you!

    I have gone without the internet an entire year after having some personal garbage... it was hard for the first three months, then..who cared? I sure didn't.
    I did. I lost a year. :p

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    Re: Is The Internet Addictive?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rainman05 View Post
    That may be very true, I have never been in a place without internet connection for more than two weeks and I was never truly disconnected from the world, by one medium or another for more than 4-5 days.
    I haven't been disconnected for more than 4-5 days either. We have a motor home and spend only short periods somewhere because we're usually ready to go home by then. We drove a sleeper van to WY. It felt like I had a different perspective on life after those three weeks. It was interesting, but here I am back on the internet. I would do it again.
    Below is the link to the cabin we stayed in. You could only watch movies. Zig had a huge collection.

    Cody Vacation Rental - VRBO 385914 - 1 BR WY Cabin, The Trapper Cabin, a Rustic Log Cabin in the Beartooth Mountains

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