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It was a poor choice of words, because it seemed to minimize and overlook the complex factors that went into creating the Holocaust, rendering a lot of historical, cultural and social issues that existed in Germany during the rise of Nazism into a sound-bite phrase that does not fit the event.

Calling the extremism of the Nazi's "senseless" fails to take into account HOW Nazism took over Germany, lead the German people into an extreme situation using propaganda and desperation brought on by economic disaster, political corruption and a societal resentment of the harsh terms imposed at the end of WW1. By sweeping it under such a simplistic sound bite term it fails to address the reality, that dangerous extremism can rise ANYWHERE under the right set of circumstances, and brushes it away with the comforting thought of "the Germans were senseless in the Nazi era" with a smug feeling of cultural superiority... while probably failing to remember the Japanese internment camps of the same era in our own country (which while not as bad still represented an extremism that now embarasses us).

But, hey... a politician went for a sound-bite phrase instead of grappling with the complexities of the real world, what a shock huh...
That's quite a reach but it still comes up short, because at the end of the day we are arguing technicalities of the meaning of a word and in that argument no one wins.