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Thread: "Brave new world" vs "1984"

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    Re: "Brave new world" vs "1984"

    Quote Originally Posted by ReformCollege View Post
    The human experience isn't about everything being perfectly laid out in front of you and perfectly harmonious.
    That's correct but this is an ideal to strive for, not a daily life.

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    Re: "Brave new world" vs "1984"

    A Prol in 1984, with the occasional chance of being bombed, it doesn't seem too bad.
    So follow me into the desert
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    Where the moon is glued to a picture of heaven
    And all the little pigs have God

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    Re: "Brave new world" vs "1984"

    I've often considered this and the my answer is always the same. 1984. And then, with my immense mind control powers, I'd overthrow The Party and Big Brother. I'd pwn O'Brien.
    "Never fear. Him is here" - Captain Chaos (Dom DeLuise), Cannonball Run


    Quote Originally Posted by Wiseone View Post
    This is what I hate about politics the most, it turns people in snobbish egotistical self righteous dicks who allow their political beliefs, partisan attitudes, and 'us vs. them' mentality, to force them to deny reality.

    Quote Originally Posted by Navy Pride View Post
    You can't paint everone with the same brush.......It does not work tht way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wessexman View Post
    See with you around Captain we don't even have to make arguments, as you already know everything .
    Quote Originally Posted by CriticalThought View Post
    Had you been born elsewhere or at a different time you may very well have chosen a different belief system.
    Quote Originally Posted by ernst barkmann View Post
    It a person has faith they dont need to convince another of it, and when a non believer is not interested in listening to the word of the lord, " you shake the dust from your sandels and move on"

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