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Thread: Should we get rid of the constitution

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    Re: Should we get rid of the constitution

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptinSarcastic View Post
    I think you nailed it, in some ways, we pretend to have a need to follow the Constitution to the letter, in other cases, it is completely ignored.

    In any case, I think I problem is not so much with the Constitution but with the actual operation of the federal government. There is some democratic relationship with certain voting blocs, like old people on Social Security and Medicare, but beyond that, we are government by the people who fund political campaigns and lobbying efforts. If you publically funded elections, I believe that Congress critters could make decisions in the interests of the nation rather than their benefactors. Everything else necessary would have to begin here.
    There's so much corruption and cronyism, it's just disgusting. We have gotten so far away from what the founders intended.

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    Should we get rid of the constitution

    No. It isn't perfect but get rid of the constitution, and you would end up with theocracy and military dictatorship. If current politics in America are the judge, a big mess would become even bigger.

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