View Poll Results: Should Taxes Be Raised on Citizens Who Smoke or are Obese?

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Thread: Should Taxes Be Raised On Citizens Who Smoke or are Obese?

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    Re: Should Taxes Be Raised On Citizens Who Smoke or are Obese?

    This is actually disturbing:

    Because it's not just about them, say some health economists, bioethicists and public health researchers.
    "Your freedom is likely to be someone else's harm," said Daniel Callahan, senior research scholar at a bioethics think-tank, the Hastings Center.
    So - really - anything and everything you do in your personal life might affect someone else at some point (the plumber might have to come over more often, the neighbor down the street might have to deal with a bit more water in their yard when you do landscaping)

    So really - if there's a 'trickle down affect' to your personal activities that might at some point affect how someone else conducts their day then it's well within reason to regulate it.

    That is a very disturbing thought process - it's essentially saying that 'you have no personal freedom at all.'

    Because I don't see *myself* as being directly affected by a smoker unless they smoke around routinely - or someone who's obese when they eat near me . . . I can't fathom anything they could do amid continuing to smoke and continuing to be obese that'll make me feel I'm being inhibited by their activities.

    Taxes and the cost of healthcare? They will tax me regardless - I will cover the cost of healthcare regardless - I don't see them proposing how to 'actually cut the personal costs if we regulate smoker's and their habits and tax them more' - so even that (taxes ,fee, etc) doesn't affect me. I won't be saving $50.00 a month even if the state brings in more from smokers and eaters.

    Which - by the way - is the #1 reason to tax anything . . . the state sees the financial benefit and goes 'holy **** - a goldmine of $1B a year! We can't pass that up) . . . that is their #1 concern.

    So I disagree - and find it disturbing that this is now the new excuse to dictate what concern the government has with people's lives.

    I'm a soda addict and a coffee drinker - at some point in buying my coffee grounds, creamer and sugar I'm positively affecting society by providing someone a job. (see - the quoted thought process can be twisted)

    How much does the economy benefit from people overeating? Needing sleep meds? Smoking? Etc - how many jobs are secured in all these related industries?

    In fact - I'll wager that the profit of these related industries are far more than the cost in possible healthcare. . . even the states themselves want to get in on the profit margin which just proves my point.
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