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Thread: Abortion

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    Re: Abortion

    Quote Originally Posted by minnie616 View Post
    About 23 states have Fetal Homicide Laws.
    Those laws protect the states interest in a potential person.
    NO state conciders a legal abortion as a homicide.
    If is is murder for someone else to kill the baby, how it it logical to not consider it murder when the mother makes the decision and okays it? If that it logical, why can't a parnet kill their toddler?

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    Re: Abortion

    In a subjective way, here's the way I view it:

    Abortions are gonna occur, whether they are legal or not, if a woman really wants an abortion she is willing to get one. Personally I would rather have them legal if that's the case, better safe than sorry I guess.

    I recently read an article that said more abortions occur in areas with little to no access to sex education or contraception. The goal for everyone here is to have the least amount of abortions necessary, right? (with some folks saying none at all) So why not focus on educating people about sex and pregnancy instead of invading their personal lives and making decisions for them? If I can find that source I'll post it here.

    How far do we regulate this? Do we constantly track pregnant women throughout their pregnancy to make sure they don't get an abortion? Do we question every single instance when there's been a miscarriage or stillbirth?

    Also, check out this piece I recently stumbled across:
    How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement

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