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Again, agreed with the sentiment but not the example. I know a black guy that if you call him African American gets angry and thinks it borders on racism. He says he is black. He is an American that happens to be black. Others, you call them black and it is racist. What the **** are we supposed to do? Just cal a person a person I guess.
Tell me about it. That's why I said what I said earlier. Some Native American tribes consider "redskins" to be racist. Does it seem overtly racist to me? Not in the least.

Hell, I was working somewhere and was in a casual conversation with a black dude. Now, I'm born and raised in Michigan, but ALL my family (except my dad) is from the south. Therefore, I pick up some southern vernacular here and there. Down there, they say "boy" often. Apparently, this word is offensive to some black people, as I found out firsthand. Long story short, I was an inch away from fighting.

I really detest how certain words are automatically dubbed as racist. It's one thing for off-color (no pun intended) words that don't come up in normal conversation, but "boy"? Really? I'm waiting for the time when some race deems the word "house" or "tree" as racist, so we can eliminate them from the English language as well.