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Thread: How long will it take to repeal the 2nd amendment?

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    Re: How long will it take to repeal the 2nd amendment?

    Quote Originally Posted by shiang View Post
    If guns were illegal less criminals could obtain it.

    If a criminal has a gun and you have a gun. Odds are your gun won't do you much good.
    Quote Originally Posted by shiang View Post
    Your lack of a brain just amuses me. I pull a gun and point it to your head gl using your gun.

    You can't do that to the police for two reasons. One you're not suppose to approach a police officer, and if you do in a suspicious way they are aleart. Two, police officers get communication and back up so yes one can get killed but odds are you're not going to get very far.

    It did work for alcohol and drugs. Learn to read the word less.

    Stupid people are always the problem of the world. Unfortunately there's no way to get rid of em and the best we can do is work our way around.
    The ignorance displayed in these two posts is just astounding.

    Goshin took care of much of your tripe so I'm going to address the one part that he didn't which I shall bold just so you know what I'm talking about.

    First: If the banning of alcohol and drugs work so wonderful then why is it that so many people used both while they were banned? Why is it that people made $$$ off of illegally making and transporting them? Why is it that the prohibition not only got repealed but during its time thousands of people were acquitted via jury nullification? (if you don't know what that is then I suggest you look it up) Why is it that currently there are juries out there aquitting drug users via jury nullification right now?

    Second: "Learn to read the word less."? WTH? That sure seems like a sure fire way to remain ignorant and stupid. (stupid if you actually have that as a philosophy.
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    Re: How long will it take to repeal the 2nd amendment?

    So if something doesn't work 100% of the time then it's not worth doing. Very conservative black and white reasoning.
    One learns more by listening than talking.

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    Re: How long will it take to repeal the 2nd amendment?

    Quote Originally Posted by earthworm View Post
    How about the right to walk down the street without a fear of being shot ?
    And these law-abiding "sane" men, are they 20% of the population ? 40% ?....
    A law with teeth in it will have an effect on the criminals.....

    Has the death penalty brought an end to crime of murders?


    I know, maybe if we execute the murderers twice.

    That should do it!

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