View Poll Results: What is an assault rifle?

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  • Any semi-automatic rifle (fires one shot every time the trigger is pulled)

    14 8.59%
  • A semi-automatic rifle with two or more of the features in the Brady bill.(see OP post)

    17 10.43%
  • A rifle that will keep firing bullets as long as you hold down the trigger.

    117 71.78%
  • A rifle that will fire 3 bullet every time you squeeze the trigger.

    51 31.29%
  • I do not know.

    16 9.82%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What is an assault rifle?

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    Re: What is an assault rifle?

    Quote Originally Posted by LaMidRighter View Post
    Which is fine, people who are neutral on the issue don't have to know these things, people who don't want to own guns but don't interfere with my rights don't need to know this. The busybodies who don't know **** about weapons, their terminology, functionality, or any of the other basics need to learn these things, I don't like uninformed agendists ****ting on my rights. If they knew half of what they thought they knew they wouldn't hold the positions they do.
    Absolutely man... I agree.
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    I have pooped in public, even in public neighborhoods.
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    I'm sexist and hypocritical, lol:

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    Re: What is an assault rifle?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dickieboy View Post
    Dude, why continue to post erroneous crap? Sawed off shotguns and machine guns are not banned! Folks CAN own them legally! The 'hoops' (taxed registeration, extensive background checks, taxed transfer) to own one are much more onerous than more common firearms. If your argument is 'not everyone should own one' I will stipulate such as I believe most others, including Scalia since he said so, will.
    You are confusing not being banned with grandfathering. As your very own link points out, the only way you can own a machine gun is if own or are purchasing a machine gun, that was registered before the ban was enacted on May 19, 1986.

    I'm fine with a hefty tax and extensive background checks for sawed off shotguns. It seems to be working.
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    Re: What is an assault rifle?

    I Have A Winchester 190
    A .22
    17 Round Tube Magazine, For Long Rifle.
    Shorts, Capacity Probably Becomes Illegal In Some Areas.
    But I Don't Buy Shorts.

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