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Thread: Should high school students break up fights in school?

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    Re: Should high school students break up fights in school?

    That depends. so I had to go with maybe.

    If there is a serous inequality between the fighters, then yes, someone should break it up. However if it is not a case of someone stronger bulling the weak, then it should be allowed to continue.

    Unfortunately, the local schools in my area of Texas "punish" everyone involved in a fight. So the crowd definitely won't step in and the person defending him/her self gets "punished" also. This is obviously biased treatment inspired by people who believe that all violence is wrong. But, I believe it to be wrong. Children should always be taught and encouraged to defend themselves and those less capable of defending themselves.
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    Re: Should high school students break up fights in school?

    OK, a lot of you seem to have misconceptions about these "fights" since you are no longer in high school.

    There is a difference between getting "beat up"
    and getting into a "fight"

    As many of you know, I attend a high school of 1800 students so we occasionally have fights in the hallway. Most often a teacher is there within moments to break up the fight and they are successful in stopping the fight because they have authority.

    People are not getting "raped" as Peter Grimm seems to be suggesting, they are squabbling over trivial affairs, such as drugs, relationships, and money.

    You want me to step in and break up fisticuffs between two punks? They aren't going to beat each other to death.
    Besides, most of these squabbles are nothing more than two teenagers wrassling each other to the ground.

    I'll be honest, I don't want to get in the middle of any of that and get my nose broken or get a black eye, which is really the worst that could happen.

    However, if someone is getting beaten on, kids know when that's wrong, and they'll do something to stop it, reluctantly.

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