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  • Leave it as it is-some quotas based on countries of origin

    5 11.11%
  • do not change the laws but enforce them better

    10 22.22%
  • Restrict immigration to those with needed skills

    15 33.33%
  • restrict immigration to those able to provide for themselves

    11 24.44%
  • Have a complete moratorium on immigration for a period of years

    6 13.33%
  • Other

    17 37.78%
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Thread: Immigration reform

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    Re: Immigration reform

    Quote Originally Posted by TurtleDude View Post
    New Zealand-from what I have been told, won't let you in if you cannot prove you will be a net tax payer
    This is true. We also wont let people in past a certain age unless they can prove they have 1 million dollars in the bank. Our borders are easier to control as well. You have to meet certain criteria just to be considered for immigration here.
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    Re: Immigration reform

    We need a combination of some of those. We need to become much stricter and have a stronger enforcement of our current (or future) system. Another thing is that it needs to become much simpler.
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    Immigration reform

    Quote Originally Posted by roflpublican View Post
    i'd prefer we test their intelligence/work ethic in some way too =/.
    I would prefer means testing. Just because they are intelligent does not mean they can pay for themselves.
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