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Thread: New York City Marathon Cancelled

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    Re: New York City Marathon Cancelled

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfly View Post
    The news yesterday was showing rows of pallets full of food for the runners. Heated tents. Hotels were kicking people out who had no place to go because the marathon runners were coming and had reservations. Huge generators were in place for power for the marathon. It was quite sad to see that then have the media shift to showing people going through dumpsters looking for food and anything else that might make their daily lives easier for the foreseeable future.

    I think the right choice was made to cancel the marathon.

    Hopefully any and all resources for the marathon can now be directed to the people in need around the NYC area.
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    Re: New York City Marathon Cancelled

    Right decision, bad timing. I know several people who got screwed by Bloomberg's sudden shift.

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