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  • More "birther" BS - Trump's an a$$

    8 22.86%
  • Don't care - Trump's an a$$

    18 51.43%
  • Can't wait - Trump's my hero - don't care what it is

    1 2.86%
  • It's a "real" birth certificate - Trump rocks

    2 5.71%
  • Trump will win the election for Romney with whatever secret he reveals

    2 5.71%
  • other - please explain

    4 11.43%
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Thread: What's Trump's "New Secret"? Is it Horse Poopie?

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    Re: What's Trump's "New Secret"? Is it Horse Poopie?

    Trump just wants attention and should leave Romney alone to win this thing... Romney getting involved with the guy in the first place was a mistake.
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    Re: What's Trump's "New Secret"? Is it Horse Poopie?

    Apparently, this super huge announcement is that Trump is offering Obama 5 mil to a charity of the President's choice in exchange for college records. Somehow, I just knew it would be lame.
    I love the NSA. It's like having a secret fan-base you will never see, but they're there, watching everything you write and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I may be some person's only form of unconstitutional entertainment one night.

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