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Thread: Are we still a democracy?

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    Re: Are we still a democracy?

    Hmmm, I'll post the counter part partisan is democracy still viable.

    If Obama is re-elected, the economy will so collapse that that it will make the Great Depression seem like a time of economic boom - and the number of people dying of starvation and homelessness will rapidly worsen. Yet as tens of millions wonder where their next Obama-meal might come from, it will not match the worldwide genocide of the human race when nuclear holocaust breaks out beginning in the Middle East started by Obama's Islamic jihadist zealot pals.

    Thus, the question is not whether we remain a democracy if Obama is re-elected or even whether we can withstand the total economic collapse that another 4 years of Obama will certainly bring - mostly against the poor, handicapped and elderly, but rather whether the human race or any other life on earth can survive another Obama term? If Obama is re-elected, we all die. Why can't people see that?!

    Now it's the OP's turn to escalate by posting an even more hysterial message against Romney more than I just posted about Obama. Afterall, politics really is a fear-mongering contest, isn't it?
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    Re: Are we still a democracy?

    The US is as much a democracy as Iran is.

    In reality, Iran is a theocracy and the US is a plutocracy. The elected leaders are just puppets for their masters (the Ayatollah in Iran and oil co./Wall St. CEOs in the US).

    When you vote for a candidate, you vote for his/her sponsors, nothing more. Those sponsors will then suck up the taxpayer dollars.

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