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Thread: How Do You See Humanity?

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    Re: How Do You See Humanity?

    How Do You See Humanity?
    I try to see them with my eyes, but I must admit, I do need to change my glasses every once in a while to get a better view. Who knows, maybe its already time again.

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    Re: How Do You See Humanity?

    Quote Originally Posted by PW4000 View Post
    Working for the common good, would provide us crops that don't need tending by human hands.

    We could then spend our collective time and our collective intelligence, solving the more complex problems that face humanity, where everybody would then be able to bring their contributions into a universal consortium of knowledge maps, designed for the purpose of advancing all humanity.

    We can either use our brains to think of ways to keep humanity oppressed, or we can use our brains to think of ways to allow humanity to soar.

    I'm leaning towards soaring.
    I admire your idealism, but I think it is somewhat unrealistic. I believe that we have evolved as a people because of competition which your "collective" view would have discouraged because of the view that people can be working on other things. What about those people who don't want to work on other things or don't want to work on the things that the "collective" has assigned them?

    I think you would have a better argument if you said that your "collective" wouldn't have had so many problems to solve.

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    Re: How Do You See Humanity?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rainman05 View Post
    Humans are like wolves.

    One species, multiple subspecies (or races, breeds) and multiple variations of each subspecies (ethnic groups).

    When one pack of wolves comes in contact with another because one trespasses on the others' territory, trouble arises. This happens regardless of what the packs of wolves are. They can be of the same breed and same variation (i.e. like when the Greeks fought one another in ancient times)... same breed and different variations (like when the French fought the English), or different breeds ( like when Arabs fought with blacks, or Europeans fought with Arabs, or countless beyond countless examples).

    It is very simple. I do not see this as being a bad thing, I see it as being a natural thing. As long as we masquerade it as being something it isn't... a social construct or racism or something stupid like that, we will never be able to solve our differences and understand them, on a large scale and thus, we can never have a real peace between races. Peace is not made through ignorance and wishful thinking, it is made through research and science and education.
    Man is supposed to study and know the animals...he must reason : How are we supposed to be ?
    Without love and tolerance, he cannot do this....
    And the "mixing of the "races" (diversity) makes the research possible.

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