View Poll Results: Have we come a long way since Bush/Kerry?

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  • Yes

    2 28.57%
  • Yes, but only a little

    3 42.86%
  • No

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  • Romney is much better than Bush

    2 28.57%
  • Romney is slightly better than Bush

    1 14.29%
  • Romney is worse/much worse than Bush

    1 14.29%
  • Obama is much better than Kerry

    2 28.57%
  • Obama is slightly better than Kerry

    1 14.29%
  • Obama is worse/much worse than Kerry

    0 0%
  • Other?

    1 14.29%
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Thread: Have we come a long way?

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    Have we come a long way?

    I think both candidates are better than Bush/Kerry. One of the worst elections in my life, a true dilemma. I didn't like Kerry, but voted for him out of sheer hatred for Bush. Would've rather voted for a monkey had it been the democratic candidate.

    Romney is slightly better than Bush and Obama is much better than Kerry.
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    Re: Have we come a long way?

    Obama is essentially the same as Kerry, ideologically speaking.

    It's hard to tell where Romney will end up ideologically should he get elected, because I don't think he HAS an ideology. If we take the policies he's currently advocating at face value, then he's worse than Bush on immigration, tax policy, and deficits...and equally as reckless on foreign policy.
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